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Friends, Diwali is a celebration of happiness. In our homes we make different types of sweets and dishes on diwali.

And Here today we are going to tell you the recipe for making Diwali mouth watering dish “Chakli or Murukku, which will make your Diwali special.

We always make chakli at home but it don’t taste as good as the chakli brought from outside or they go bad but today we are going to have a different recipe which you can make at home Recipe.

Chakli recipe in marathi, murukku recipe in marathi
Bhajanichi Chakli

It’s an Indian snack and made from a mixture of rice, chana dal and ulad flour, Other pulses are also used in India and in South India people called it “Murukku”.

( For recipe i have used bhajani. )

Prep Time : 45 mins | Cook Time : 30 mins | Total Time : 1 hr 15 mins

Course: Snack | Cuisine: Indian | Servings: 30 Chakli | Calories: 150kcal

Ingredients :

– 4 cup Chakli/ Murukku Bhajani

– 1 /4 cup Water

– 1 tbsp Red Chili Powder

– 1/4 tsp Ajwain

– 1 tbsp Sesame Seeds

– Salt to taste

– 1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder

– 2 tbsp Oil

– Oil for frying

Instructions :

– Heat water in a pan.

– In a bowl, take chakali bhajani. Add red chilli powder, ajwain, sesame seeds, salt and turmeric powder. Mix everything well.

– Add oil and mix it well with bhajani and The flour should be crumbly.

– Add boiling hot water, Mix well and Cover and give it a standing time of 10 minutes.

– Knead it into dough, If you find the dough a bit dry, you can add hot water to it and The dough should be thick.

– Take a ball out of it, Make roll of it and put it into chakali mould. Chakali mould has chakali disc in it.

– Press the dough well into the mould and make chakalis on wax paper.

– Seal the outer and inner end of the chakali well.

– Heat oil in a pan, The oil should not be too hot Or the chakali remains raw inside.

– Fry the chakali on medium heat until it turns brown, Flip over after 3-4 minutes.

– Cook for 3-4 minutes from another side. While these chakalis are getting fried, prepare new chakalis from the mould.

– When the chakali starts getting reddish colour remove it from oil.

– After removing from hot oil, the cooking process continues a d the colour of it changes in a while

– Drop the next batch of chakali into hot oil and fry.

– Chakalis/Murukku are ready.

Instant Murukku Recipe Video by Hebbars’s Kitchen,Do Watch out If you want!!

What is Chakli / Murukku ?

Chakli is considered to be an Indian snack. Generally, chakli is made from a mixture of rice, chana dal and ulad flour, Other pulses are also used in India. In South India it is called “Murukku”. This chakali is prepared using chakali bhajani

Calorie in per Chakli ?

Per Chakli Calorie is 165

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